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Dog Grooming

Bring your four legged family member for a day at the spa.

I start off with a relaxing bath (with two quality shampoos & massage), dry and rest. Once dry and rested we do a full brushing and/or clip, followed by a ear cleaning and/or plucking, then a manicure and pedicure (if possible). Then a rest while waiting for mom and dad to pick them up after a relaxing spa day. Your family pet will be returned clean and refreshed.

I work one on one with any spa guests, so if you have a oversized dog, or a dog that doesn't co operate with the grooming process.  I may suggest a groom shop with more than one person would be a better match for your pup

Don't forget your new family additions. A Puppy introduction to the spa, gives your new puppy a chance to get used to the spa experience, and they come home clean and refreshed.

I'm a professional certified groomer, and a graduate of Dogport Acadamy of Dog Grooming in Woodstock, ON. I have been around and cared for dogs all my life, and strive to provide a gentle relaxing experience for your pet's day at the spa.

During your pet's day at the spa I will carefully check your dog for any lumps, bumps or skin conditions that you or your vet may need to be aware of.

Fees are based on the dogs size, condition of coat, and your pet's temperament - temperament is not just aggression, but also the amount of co operating with the grooming process.

All services are by appointment or reservation only.



Small Breeds:                $65.00 to $75.00

Shih-Tzu, Lhasa Apso, Toy-Mini Poodles, Yorkie, etc.


Medium Breeds              $75.00 to $100.

American Cockers, English Springers, Westie's, Shelties, etc


Large Breeds                  $100. to $150.

small Golden Retriever, Small Goldendoodles, Standard Poodles, Collie, etc


Extra Large Breeds          $150. to $200.

Large Goldendoodles, Large Retriever, Newfoundland, Saint Bernard, etc.


Puppy Spa Introduction (under 6 months of age) - includes brushing, ears cleaned and/or plucked, nails, bath (with two quality shampoos) and dry (no clip)

1/2 price according to breed adult size


Spa Extras:

Extra Matting                       $10. to $35.

Flea Shampoo                      $50. to $80.

Skunk Bath                         $50. to $80..


Spa Extras are applied to the regular grooming pricing listed above.


Individual Spa Treatments:

Bath & cage Dry:          $30 to $150 (size)

Hi Velocity dryer:          $50./hour

Nail trim and file:         $15 - must be good temperament

Coat brush out only (no bath) (has to have good coat condition before brush)  $60 to $150 (size)


individual service prices are based on good coat condition, additional fees will apply if the coat is in poor condition or matted


Grooming dogs that are left for the day will incur a day care fee along with grooming fees


13% HST will be added to the cost of service

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